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We are a AU DC forum, which accepts a wide variety of canon alongside original characters. We have a minimum 200 word per post count; a short application with optional RP sample after your first character here; and a 200 word history requirement only. Our activity requirements are one post minimum per month for canon and original characters.

Our plot focuses on a rising darkness which is causing magical disturbances throughout the world, bringing hardships to the heroes. The source of this darkness has been revealed and while they continue to gather support, it is up to the heroes to find a way to stop them before they reach their goal.

SPECTRE WATCH The Spectre is gathering more allies for his cause, to cleanse the world of the filth which lives within it. Driven by curiosity he seeks to test the so called 'heroes' of this world by presenting them with chaos, hardship and personal tests. At the moment, he is unimpressed by the actions of the various heroes and remains unswayed from his decision.

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 The Plot, A Must Read
The Darkness
 Posted: Nov 28 2015, 06:45 PM
The Darkness
The Abyss
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Snapshots of Current Verse Canon
Our Aim is True

Oliver Queen has saved his city from the Dark Archer, Deathstroke the Terminator and even Ra's Al Ghul. But now a new threat is hitting Starling City - Damien Darhk and his HIVE have taken Starling City as their base of operations. With The Arrow and the rest of the team back up to full strength, they have discovered that Darhk is using forces beyond their comprehension. Magic has made it's way into the core of Starling City and it is the darkest kind their is.

We are the Night

Gotham city has been under the watchful care of The Batman for almost 16 years now, with a bevy of allies to help him in the long fight against crime in Gotham. Of course Gotham city is almost beyond saving and even with the Bat-Clan fighting day and night, there are those who oppose them in every way. The status quo in Gotham has remained relatively unchanged in the last year or so. But all it would take is a drop of magic, just a spark, to have Gotham City explode into the future - for better or for worse.

The Sword in the Darkness

John Constantine has been conscripted by an angel of Heaven to try and stop a "Rising Darkness" that is lending it's power to the darker arts, making them more powerful than ever before. He has begun his quest but already he knows that he cannot face the evils of men and magics arrayed against him - not alone. To that end, Constantine turns his attention to the heroes of Gotham and Starling City. With might of magic and might of arms, Constantine hopes that together they may be enough to stop the Rising Darkness before it is too late.

Ours is the Fury

The island of Atlantis was sunk many generations before and it's people have always been happy to practice their magics underwater, free from the interference of the surface dwellers. But the Rising Darkness knows no boundaries and is already starting to seep into the Atlantian people, leading more to the darkness and causing much distress amongst the people. The people are angry - blaming the Rising Darkness on ignorant surface dwellers and their anger is reflected in their King. The surface world will experience the fury of the seas once more.

Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.

Themyscira has stood apart from the world of men, the mighty Amazons leading their lives with magic, honour and duty in mind. They cared not for the world of men and it's need to subjugate, to control. But the Rising Darkness does not care for the reasons for isolation - it does not care for even the magical defences that keep Themyscira unseen by the world of men. With no idea where exactly the Rising Darkness is coming from, Amazons are dispatched to the world of man, to determine from where this particular brand of wickedness derives.

Never Resting

The people of Central City have their hands full with the day to day problems of dealing with the arrival of the meta-humans into their lives. Time has passed since the particle accelerator explosion but the troubles have not lessened - criminals equipped with deadly powers still threaten the city. The rising darkness seems to have touched this city the least, but that can and will change as its grip on the rest of the world tightens. The attention of the cities relentless heroes will be called to it, it is just a question of when.

Batman, Arrow, Constantine, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash
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