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Our plot focuses on a rising darkness which is causing magical disturbances throughout the world, bringing hardships to the heroes. The source of this darkness has been revealed and while they continue to gather support, it is up to the heroes to find a way to stop them before they reach their goal.

SPECTRE WATCH The Spectre is gathering more allies for his cause, to cleanse the world of the filth which lives within it. Driven by curiosity he seeks to test the so called 'heroes' of this world by presenting them with chaos, hardship and personal tests. At the moment, he is unimpressed by the actions of the various heroes and remains unswayed from his decision.

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 From: Take Care Of My Light Work For Me, From Topic ID: 1762
Zachariah Black
 Posted: Apr 13 2017, 09:59 AM
Zachariah Black
Nanda Parbat
Magic Users
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Zachariah was quickly losing his patience for this boy. As the boy ran his mouth about things he only knew secondhand, Zachariah sighed, his mind falling into the rhythmic pattern of a spell. With a single spoken word of power, he let the magic into the air into a binding of obedience… something that the boy probably had no voluntary experience with so far. “Be quiet,” he said, letting the spell’s constraints force the boy to obey. He had a good five minutes of unfailing compliance, and perhaps a few more of resisting compliance, no more than that since he didn’t want to damage the boy’s mind… but Robin didn’t know that it would be that brief, now, did he. It was as painless a way as possible to put the lie to the slander about his sorcerous talent as Zach had without the point being meaningless. The control was, after all, a subtle thing. The boy couldn’t disobey his words, but aside from that, his mind was his. He was free to try to run, try to attack… Zach could stop him with a word, of course, or a thought if it came to that. “And for once, listen with an open mind.” That was a bit of control not many people knew that a spell could enforce. You couldn’t control how people thought, but you could make them actually process what was going around, and to not willfully be ignorant.. Zach liked to think of it as a truth spell for your inner monologue in cases like this.

“Yes, I could have handled these fools. Not in my preferred method, no, but yes, I could have. I thanked you for saving me the effort and the miniscule risk involved, nothing more, from the less-than-effective spells I would use because I don’t believe what everyone tells me on a given subject, particularly your master. I believe the evidence of my own eyes and experience. I complimented your abilities, and you insulted mine. From one underling to another, masters take a dim view of that.”

It was particularly telling that the boy could identify him, though. That was the sole factor that was keeping Zachariah from telling the boy to turn around, walk away, and forget that this encounter ever happened. “Now… who told you that I was League of assassins?” True, he could hear things from his Master, but to identify Zachariah on sight? That wasn’t something that word of mouth could convey, and magicians could be… difficult to photograph. This entire conversation was reminding him of why he preferred children to be in someone else’s care and kept well away from him, but he was going to have to endure the tiresome exchange a little longer, he supposed.
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