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We are a AU DC forum, which accepts a wide variety of canon alongside original characters. We have a minimum 200 word per post count; a short application with optional RP sample after your first character here; and a 200 word history requirement only. Our activity requirements are one post minimum per month for canon and original characters.

Our plot focuses on a rising darkness which is causing magical disturbances throughout the world, bringing hardships to the heroes. The source of this darkness has been revealed and while they continue to gather support, it is up to the heroes to find a way to stop them before they reach their goal.

SPECTRE WATCH The Spectre is gathering more allies for his cause, to cleanse the world of the filth which lives within it. Driven by curiosity he seeks to test the so called 'heroes' of this world by presenting them with chaos, hardship and personal tests. At the moment, he is unimpressed by the actions of the various heroes and remains unswayed from his decision.

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Jan 3 2017, 01:15 AM
Raven sensed the half-demon before she saw him. She sensed his malevolence toward her, his desire to please his master, his lust for the rewards Trigon would shower him with for bringing his wayward daughter home.

Raven had gotten quite good at blocking out the emotions of others, but the raw strength of the hunter's enmity toward her made him impossible to block out. Of course, he had been raised by his father, so his thoughts weren't tempered by such human impulses as charity, mercy, and love.

She picked up her pace slightly, but didn't run- she didn't know if the hunter had spotted her yet, and she wanted to make sure she was running away from him, not toward him.

The movement of shadows out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She turned her head to see a tall and muscular red-skinned male humanoid. Unlike her, Wrath kept his demon half on the outside. He wore a black cloak, held a large scythe in one hand, and by his feet growled a jet-black canine monstrosity the size of a great Dane- a Hellhound.

"Father wants you back, Raven. He said we could be a little rough if you resist." He grinned. "Please resist."

Then a look of shock came over his face. "What do you mean you've found her!?" he hissed. "She's right here in front of me!"

Raven was just as confused. She was the only one she had seen wearing a cloak in this whole city. But she took advantage of the distraction. She threw her hand forward, and the Hellhound slammed into its master.

Then Raven started running.
Dec 30 2016, 03:55 AM
Raven stared at everything in the mall in unabashed wonder. There was nothing like this on Azareth, at least not to her knowledge. She had seen collections of market stalls at bazaars, but that was nowhere near as amazing as this feat of architectural engineering.

And the things they sold in the stores...she had no concept of what half of them were. At least half of them. She had no idea what was a waste of money and what wasn't. Perhaps it was a good thing, then that she had no money to spend.

But the scents coming from the food court...those were intriguing and made her stomach rumble and her mouth salivate. Raven had spent most of her life starving, and her eyes searched for any unattended food that she might be able to steal. But no, she saw no means of easy access. If only she had some of that green paper the locals used as currency...

She bumped into someone. "Sorry," she muttered, glancing toward the person she had run into. Then her eyes widened as she sensed the strength of the emotion coming from him. There much anger. Love and fear as well, but mostly anger.

"Who are you?" she asked curiously.
Dec 28 2016, 05:11 PM
What is a Library? - Raven Roth - Gotham<p>
Dec 24 2016, 07:17 PM
Raven had just discovered that there was a library in Gotham. Her mother had told her of libraries- places where hundreds of books could be found in one location. Far more than the collection one would find in the Azar monastaries.

She simply had to investigate. And when she stepped inside the Gotham Public Library, her eyes practically popped out of her sockets. There were all of these books? She wandered about, trying to figure out how they were organized. When she saw the section on encyclopedias, she wandered over to that. This plane of existence might be her home now. It was best to try and get to know it a little better.

She pulled out an atlas. interested in the general appearance of this world. She took a seat at a nearby table. Where was she? Where was this Gotham? She had no idea where to look. What country was it in? She didn't know, she'd just popped into the middle of it.

She spun around at the sound of someone approaching, instantly wary.
Dec 20 2016, 09:26 PM
Raven had stepped through a portal to Earth, ended up in a cave, and trekked into Gotham. She became what the people of Earth called a "hitchhiker" along the way. A man in a large rectangular vehicle called a "truck" had picked her up and offered her a ride into the city. She had used her powers only briefly on him, to ascertain his intentions and decrease his suspicion and concern over her. Apparently it was unusual for someone her age to be found in the country by herself. He had worried that he may need to call something called "child protective services," but she had convinced him not to.

Everything she saw was strange and new to her in this "Gotham City." The people were dressed very differently than her, and the main currency was a green sheet of paper called a "dollar." She had none of the local currency and was not sure where she could go to find food without it.

Everyone kept giving her odd stares. Did they suspect what she was? Was it her wild-eye staring? Or was it her appearance? Raven had lived on the run for years, and appearance and hygiene were not big concerns when you were trying just to survive. Still, even she could admit that she was unkempt and in need of a bath at this point.

No one was particularly helpful to the wild-eyed stranger, but this neither surprised nor distressed the teenager. It did not occur to her to expect kindness from strangers, and she was grateful to no longer be hunted- at least for the time being.

The most distressing thing at the moment was the number of people. She was used to being in close quarters to no more than two dozen people, and now...well, she was routinely being bumped into. It was taking all her concentration to not get overwhelmed by the noise of all these people and their feelings. Each time someone touched her, she jerked as if an electric shock had gone through her, and her eyes widened.

At least an old man had told her the location of a "homeless shelter," where she could receive food and a bed. That sounded lovely to Raven. She just hoped it wasn't too crowded.

She was startled by a new noise in the street, an engine very different from the ones she had been hearing on the motorized vehicles.
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