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Mar 10 2017, 12:23 AM
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Dear Diary... <p>

And so ends the all too short journey of Spoiler, the Batman approved vigilante. I should have known... I mean, who was I kidding? I was never good enough for that lot. The second Bruce set me that stupid test I should have KNOWN.<P>

No, Steph. Don't do that 'self pity' thing. This isn't your fault. It's not my ability that stopped me. It's my heart. Damian wanted me to torture people. He wanted me to do things that I would... never do.<p>

If that's a failure, then I'd rather fail than pass.<p>

Maybe Batman was right. I don't have what it takes to be the person he wants me to be.<p>

But I don't that's the person he NEEDS me to be...

It wouldn't take the World's Greatest Detective to figure out how Steph was feeling about everything that had happened. The fact that she arrived at what she still believed to be the primary Batcave wearing her old Spoiler costume said it all. She had slung on her back her new costume in a carry all, and she threw it on a nearby work top.<p>

"So, big surprise, I failed!"
She called out to the batcave, sure that Batman was lurking, or at least watching. "So I brought your stuff back. I figured I couldn't keep wearing the costume now I'm fired." She went on, still calling out to the darkness of the cave. "Plus I totally bet there's a tracker in it or something so you can track me and tell me to go home and I've heard that enough." She added after an uncertain pause.<p>

"He wanted me to torture people. People that were already caught. Who didn't have any information to give. He wanted me to torture them to 'punish' them instead of trusting the law." She explained, although she imagined Bruce already knew. "And I'm sorry, but you can teach me to fight, and do your salmon ladder thing, and swing from rooftops and fight crime, but I will never do that. That's the kind of thing my father would do. Hurt people for the sake of hurting them. And I won't ever be that."<P>

She finished, satisfied with her resignation, she supposed, and she began to walk away, heading back out of the cave before she paused, reconsidering, and turning around.<Br>
"No, hang on, actually, you need to listen to me." She said as she turned to face the darkness. "I've been so scared about being kicked out by you, by losing everything, but I've had it all wrong all this time. I don't need you." She insisted. "I mean, it's nice, it makes my life easier, but you can throw me out that door right now and I will still be Spoiler. You can't ever stop me. I don't need you."<p>

She paused for only a moment.<p>

"YOU need ME." She said firmly. "I'm right, aren't I? It doesn't matter if I fail the tests or not. There's a reason you recruited me, and it's not because I just kept asking or because I kept popping up. You'd have ways of dealing with that. It's because you know you need me. Not because I can fight or anything, I get that I'm the worse one of all of you for that, but that wasn't what you asked about when you recruited me. You asked about my heart."<p>

"You? You know you're cold and dark and logical. Everything is a plan to you, a strategy, but you've forgotten how to feel. Damian is a psychopath. We both know it. He has no sense of right or wrong. Without you here to guide him, he'd be totally evil. And Tim? Tim's the best guy I've ever known, but you're afraid he's too like you. He'll be lost to the darkness if he goes down that route, become you, your darkness, your coldness, and lose the heart and fire and passion that makes him who he is. But me?" She paused again. "I'm unbreakable. We both know it. My spirit, my sense of right and wrong, my EMOTIONS, that's what you need. Somebody who can keep your feet on the ground, remind you that REAL people are involved in your every scheme. You have all the cold logical soldiers you need."<p>

"You need somebody with a heart. You need somebody emotional, irrational, but who believes in doing the right thing." She stated. "And nobody does emotional and irrational better than me!" Okay, maybe she could have sold that a little better.<p>

She stood there, breathless, panicked, but a little hopeful, desperate in that moment to be proven right. To hear Bruce agree. That HAD to be it, didn't it? There was no other reason to recruit her in the first place.<p>

He wouldn't let her fail now. Not after everything she knew. Everything she'd seen. There had to be something else. Some other grand plan.<p>

And she had a feeling she was figuring it out...

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Jan 18 2017, 10:39 PM
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Dear Diary...<p>

Why am I even here!? I should of just gone home. I'm sick of it! I'm sick of Batman and I'm sick of Tim and I'm sick of their stupid cave and their stupid games! I just wanted to HELP people! To put things right! But everything's some big SCHEME with them! Everything can be forgiven if you're useful!<p>

Tim has been working with the Riddler. The RIDDLER! Even if he doesn't know about how he sold me out to the Penguin (which he doesn't because I chickened out on telling him) he knows how personally I take anything involving him! He's basically my Dad, but WORSE. I just... I can't believe Tim would do that to me. Not Tim...<p>

I though things were getting good. I thought things were improving. I was getting in with the Bat clan. I was getting closer than ever to Tim. Everything was better. And now... this... and suddenly... I don't know if I even want to BE a part of it any more.

If was possible to angrily ride a Vesper, Steph had mastered it, as she pulled it in to the secret cave that she still believed to be the true Bat Cave (nobody had told her otherwise) nestled beneath Wayne Tech. She climbed off of it and angrily threw down the eggplant helmet she wore over her suit, pulling down her hood roughly. She didn't even know why she was here, but he felt like working out her frustrations on something. Maybe heading to the gym area and wailing on some of the dummies...<p>

Of course, she knew she needed to call Tim, but she was trying to avoid that for a moment. She was too angry. It would just involve fury and rage and her throwing things at him. Which is why her entire plan of avoidance went wrong when she realised she wasn't alone in the cave.<p>

Tim was already here.<P>

She should of turned and walked away. She should of just left the cave to avoid her furious rage. She knew she couldn't be rational with him right now. She knew she couldn't think straight.<p>

But she didn't care. He was there.<br>
"ROBIN!" She yelled, which was the first sign she was really angry. She didn't call him Tim. She didn't call him Red Robin. He was Robin. The name she'd first got to know him as. The name her subconscious still had for him, after all this time. "I just... I can't... I don't even know what to say!" She snapped at him. Her eyes were red and puffy and she'd clearly been crying. In a rage, but crying nevertheless.<p>

There was a pause, and then there was nothing to do but say it.<p>

"You're working with the Riddler." She stated firmly, before any self control she had left flew out of the door. "The RIDDLER, TIM! THE GUY MY DAD BASED HIS ENTIRE SHTICK ON! THE GUY JUST LIKE MY DAD BUT A HUNDRED TIMES WORSE!" She burst back in to tears again as she yelled. "D-do you have ANY idea what he did to me!?" She added furiously. "HE SOLD ME OUT! HE GAVE UP MY SECRET IDENTITY TO THE PENGUIN!" She screamed. Yes, okay, somebody might point out this was Steph's fault for not telling anybody, but now wasn't the time for logic. "That monster came to my SCHOOL, Tim. My SCHOOL! He threatened me, he threatened my Mom, he threatened all my friends, he was going to kill all of us, and the RIDDLER MADE IT HAPPEN!" She screamed, before slumping down on the floor, crying to herself, too much rage and anger and the stress of the evening having exhausted herself.<p>

"How could you, Tim!? How could you work with somebody like that? I-I thought I knew you. I thought you were different..." She sobbed, now largely to herself. "Why does everybody who I get close to turn out like this? My Dad's a supervillain, my first boyfriend was a jerk, now you're working WITH a supervillain..." She slumped in defeat, her shoulders sagging. "I... I just ... I give up. I can't keep fighting. Not on my own. I wish I'd never put on this stupid hood!" She tore off her cloak and threw it to the ground, before she just burst back in to tears, sobbing in disbelief.

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<div style="font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive; color: #7a1f5c; font-size: 11px; line-height: 120%; padding-top: 1px padding-bottom; 10px;">Tim Drake, Upgraded Spoiler Outfit, 730</div>

Jan 9 2017, 08:29 AM
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Dear Diary...<p>

Okay! Now we're talking! New costume, new year, new start! So what if I spent the holidays recovering from fear toxin induced nightmares? It had been Christmas! Nobody causes trouble over Christmas, and besides, I've been training!<p>

I'm ready to take on the criminal scum of Gotham! Or at least, of Gotham suburbs which is kind of where I'm making my new costumed debut. What? It's my stomping ground, and I don't exactly want to head in to the Narrows yet, okay!?<p>

Anyway, criminals: yes. Swirly blue things in the sky? Uh, not so much.<p>

In other words... What is THAT!?

Steph's enthusiasm for testing out her new suit, which she was enjoying, even if she missed her old face mask, was suddenly dampened when half-way through mentally drafting her diary entry, she saw it. Something swirling in the sky like she had never seen before. At first she had thought it might be an optical illusion, maybe a trick of the light, until it whizzed right past her hood while she stared at i from the rooftop of a nearby stall, and she felt a crackle of electricity almost singe her shiny new outfit.<p>

Magic. Steph hated magic. Not because it wasn't cool, which it totally was, or because she had any problems with it as a concept, heck, she was a massive Harry Potter fan and wore her Gryffindor Scarf (which she actually owned, of course) in public during the winter without batting an eyelash, but because it was one of those things impossible for a street vigilante like her to fight. She had no idea what it could do, what the rules were, and was totally out of her depth. At least meta-humans usually had one gimmick (not that she'd ever fought one of those successfully either). This thing, for all she knew, it'd turn her in to a newt or make all the cars in to toffee apples or something...<p>

Still, Batman and Robin were probably somewhere in the centre of Gotham, as usual, Tim was who-knew-where, and who else could she call? Besides, she was The Spoiler, Defender of the Suburbs, this was her territory and she would protect it!<p>

She watched as it swirled around for a moment, and paused hopefully. Or maybe it wasn't dangerous and she'd just leave it and move quietly on, because she had no idea how to-<p>

And then, with perfect timing, an arc of electricity shot out from it, crashing in to a lamp post and causing it to explode all over the street below. Great. So much for not dangerous...<p>

Steph fired her grapple hook and swung down below it, in to action. Well, sort of action, as she landed and peered up at the strange anomaly in the sky, realising she had no plan of attack.
"Ugh. Why haven't I graduated to the 'throw a batarang' part of the course yet?" She grumbled as she looked up at it flying through the air. Not that she had any idea if a batarang would work, but it was better than ineffectually chasing it as she was.<p>

It fired out another arc of electricity, this time at a parked car, and Steph spotted just in time a little girl playing nearby. She threw herself at her, grabbing her and rolling out of the way as the car exploded behind her.<br>
"It's okay! You're safe! Go find your Mommy!" Steph said quickly, trying not to feel too proud. That was like a real superhero move there! But she didn't have time to beam with pride at her superheroics, because the anomaly was moving on, firing at more objects. Anything metal, she realised...<p>

How the heck was she going to stop that!?

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<div style="font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive; color: #7a1f5c; font-size: 11px; line-height: 120%; padding-top: 1px padding-bottom; 10px;">Zosime, Upgraded Spoiler Outfit, 590</div>

Dec 22 2016, 12:12 AM
This isn't a proper thread tracker, but so I can keep track of Steph's evolution and training as threads go on (and anybody else who wants to look, I guess ).

Steph's Original Spoiler Costume:

Steph is super proud of her Spoiler costume. She made it herself, and she thinks it looks great! (Well, she sourced lots of bits for it). Unfortunately, it's exactly as flimsy as it looks, and often takes a lot of damage that she has to repair. The cape is big and heavy but offers very little protection, the mask is a full face mask with a hole cut out the back for her ponytail and white lenses, and the rest of the outfit clings to her body but offers no padding or protection at all.

Steph's Upgraded Spoiler Costume:

A Christmas present from Bruce Wayne, her very own bat-designed suit for fighting crime! Much more stylish and designed than her original home-made outfit, it's made out of a tougher-than-Kevlar weave that can withstand knives and small arms fire, and even has mini-explosives with it. Without the full mask, Steph has better visibility. Secretly, Steph hates this outfit and prefers her original costume, but knows she can't not wear it, as it's much more practical and tougher than her original clothes. Steph's taken to wearing extremely heavy eye-liner with the outfit just to further distract from her appearance, in place of the mask.


Steph still doesn't know any proper martial arts. Her fighting abilities are improving the more she spends time with Tim, but she's still self taught and largely reliant on her gymnastic skills.

She's improved as a vigilante, having learned simple tricks from Damian and Tim, such as restraining those she defeats. She's also somewhat more cautious after a string of defeats at the hands of dangerous enemies.

She's learning bo-staff techniques after looking for a better weapon and being gifted one by Tim for Christmas. She annoyingly insists on calling it her 'boomstick'. She's still largely an amateur with it however, and mostly uses it to aid her gymnastic skills than in actual combat.

Current Personality Issues:

(Outside of Steph's current personality, things she's going through that affects how she is):

She's currently suffering from a bit of a crisis of confidence. Not only has she lost almost every major encounter she's been in and had her secret identity threatened, but Damian Wayne's constant insulting of her skills has made her feel like she doesn't belong in the bat family. Determined, as ever, to prove him wrong, but the perfect storm of her constant failures and the insults means that hidden deep down, Steph is beginning to panic that maybe all the people who've told her to give up and go home may have had a point...

She's also currently suffering from PTSD from a battle with the Scarecrow. She was badly hit with fear toxin and although she's now cured of it, the after effects means she constantly flashes back to that night and the fear she felt.

She's currently head over heels in love with Tim, although she's not admitted it that yet. Him admitting his real identity to her has taken their relationship to a new level in her eyes. She's probably a little more in to him than is healthy at the moment. She is secretly terrified he's going to leave her because she's not good enough for him.


Tim Drake: After two years of on and off dating 'Robin', Steph has finally learned Tim's real identity. He voluntarily revealed it to her. If she was crazy about him before, she's even more in love with him now. She currently totally adores him, to the extent even her usual spunk/jealousy with him is largely absent, although this is probably only temporary. She is, however, very intimidated by how rich and important Tim Drake as a person is, and worries that she doesn't really belong in the same social circles with him.

Bruce Wayne: Steph also finally is being accepted as a vigilante by Batman. She knows his identity, and he's agreed to train her, provided she passes his tests (one down, two to go). She is, however, still terrified of him, and extremely worried about his disapproval. Being given this chance at being accepted however has led to her being extremely 'good girl' around him, lots of 'yessir' 'nosir' and trying WAY too hard, and anybody who knows Steph knows she'll fail spectacularly to keep that up for long...

Damian Wayne: Poor Damian is killing Steph at the mo. She can see he's just lonely, and he's a child who doesn't know how to be a child, but everything she tries to help him blows up in her face. It doesn't help that she's the anti-Damian and represents everything he hates, but she's actually really trying with the kid and keeps failing. She's even keeping her sarky attitude with him in check for the moment to try and win him over. It's not working at all. Damian also unfortunately triggers her PTSD from her battle with Scarecrow, something she's battling to overcome.

Talia Ah Ghul: Steph currently think she's 'Dr Talia Head', a geneticist. She saved Steph's life but her calm attitude afterwards and riches put Steph in the mind of a supervillain and she's a little cautious. But Talia has given Steph no reason not to trust her and she's starting to warm up to her and open up. She's growing closer and actually likes having a close confident outside of the bat circle. She thinks Talia is in to some really weird BDSM fetish stuff though, unaware that her 'beloved' she always talks about is actually Batman.

Thea Queen: Steph idolises Speedy a little. She saved her life, but she's also the first vigilante to give her the time of day and not pre-judge her. She really wants to be her friend and win her over more, and hopes they can go rooftop patrolling together. She desperately wants a female friend closer her age that she can just hang out with.

Alfred Pennyworth: Everybody in the Bat family clearly respects and looks up to Alfred, and Steph knows this. She's desperate to impress him and almost becomes a demur, polite young girl around him to try and fit in and win him over. She's not risked being herself around him yet. She is super intimidated by him though as she knows he comes from a different world, and finds the sheer fact that the Wayne family has a butler really daunting.
Dec 19 2016, 10:06 PM
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Dear Diary...<p>

There's a cute joke in here somewhere about how I've been hopped up on fear gas and having nightmares for the last three days and yet this is the scariest thing I've done, but the problem is...<p>

I'm not joking.<p>

I'm still struggling to tell what was real and what was a hallucination. I know Damian was there and I know he saved my life. But then... I don't know what happened. But I keep seeing it. Him attacking me. With what I think was a syringe. But in my memories, it's so much worse.<p>

The toxin is out of my system now. But that moment... that moment just won't go away. I guess if you experience something that really terrifies you... the thing that made it feel terrifying being gone isn't going to get rid of the memory...<p>

Ugh. If this is trauma, I don't want it. And I'm DEFINITELY not telling Batman about it...

Steph should of done this sooner really. It wasn't fair to leave it for three days. She wasn't even sure if Damian's rage at her had been real or a hallucination that she had suffered as part of the fear toxin, but it wasn't about that.<p>

It was about thanking him. He'd saved her life. And while they didn't exactly get on (gee, understatement of the century there, Steph) she owed him that thanks. The problem was, every time she thought about approaching him, every time she thought of his face, she had a flashback to that moment in the alley. The demonic rage in his twisted expression, the needle in his hand... It was her trigger. But she knew she had to beat it.<p>

And well, she supposed three days wasn't that long. She'd actually spent about the first twenty four hours asleep, recovering in bed. Drained, emotionally, psychologically, and badly battered physically, it was rest she had needed. And the last two days she'd been battling her own nerves to even step outside of her house. Her tattered Spoiler costume hadn't even been repaired yet, let alone donned and worn for anything.<p>

As befitting her first time out of the house, she was dressed only in practical clothes, a grey hoodie, leggings, minimal make-up, it wasn't her usual look, but one that spoke of somebody who was still struggling with the adjustment after a traumatic event. She was still showing signs of bruising, and beneath her clothes her ribs were wrapped in bandages. She wasn't convinced her Mom had bought the story about the mugging, but she was glad of her mother's skill at dressing wounds, either way...<p>

Damian was, as far as Steph could tell, in whatever room it was he used for painting. A study? An art studio? Who knew. Wayne Manor had so many rooms she doubted even Alfred could name them all. Her heart was thundering in her chest even as she reached to knock on the door...<p>

And then she did, and peered in, trying not to look too nervous.<br>
"Uh, hey." She wore a weak smile, as soon as she laid eyes on him, flashes returning to her mind. The hatred in his monstrous form's eyes, the gleaming syringe in his hands, the words he had spat at her with such venom, words she still didn't know if she had heard for real or not...<p>

You...disgust me, Spoiler.<p>

She swallowed hard, closing her eyes for a moment, trying to repress the flashes the best that she could. To get them under control. They might be making her afraid, they might be making it so she was strung out and stressed, but there was no fear toxin in her system now. Nothing controlling her. She was determined to get this thing under control herself. To BE herself. To no longer let it dictate her being.<p>

And that meant doing what she had to do.<p>

"I... wanted to thank you." She said awkwardly, reopening her eyes and focusing on Damian, even if she was breathing a little heavily, trying to repress further flashbacks. "....for the other night. You saved my life. I.... really owe you." She explained, feeling ridiculously lame. Maybe she should of gotten him a present? But then what do you get somebody as thanks for saving your life? Besides, she could barely leave the house, let alone to the mall. And she wasn't sure if they even had a 'murder implements' shop anyway...

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<div style="font-family: 'Special Elite', cursive; color: #7a1f5c; font-size: 11px; line-height: 120%; padding-top: 1px padding-bottom; 10px;">Damian Wayne, Outfit, 740</div>

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